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“The next great trend in the evangelical church is apologetic evangelism, those who can go and give a defense of the faith while they present the Gospel. That means you at SES are on the cutting edge of the next trend in Christianity.” – Dr. Elmer Towns

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Join Southern Evangelical Seminary and President Dr. Richard Land for the 21st annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics taking place Oct. 10-11, 2014 in Charlotte, NC. Be equipped to stand fast and defend the Faith (Jude 3) through plenary and workshop talks offered for everyone from home school students and parents to professors and scientists. Come learn from great leaders in apologetics as they dig deeper into the areas of:

  1. God & Science – From Darwin to Dawkins, science has been hailed as the catalyst to unbelief in the modern world. The great tragedy of this is that natural science is where we find some of the most compelling evidence for God’s existence. Come learn from the very best scholars in astronomy, biology, archeology, physics, and mathematics about how science affirms our faith. 
  2. Christianity & Culture – Imagine a culture where more Christians are radical change agents, where churches reflect Christ not culture, where people are liberated from the cult of self and instead committed to the common good. Most every cultural issue of today including the role of government, gay marriage, abortion, and These sessions will equip and inspire you to be used by God in affecting real change in the culture around you.
  3. Historical Apologetics – According to British author Alan Richardson, “The Christian faith… is more than the mere intellectual acceptance of a certain kind of theistic philosophy; it is bound up with… the past, and if these happenings could be shown never to have occurred, or… quite different from the biblical-Christian account of them, then the whole edifice of Christian faith… would be found to have been built on sand.” Come learn the historical evidences for the Bible and most importantly, the resurrection of Christ. As the Apostle Paul puts it “if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith” (1 Cor. 15:14).



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